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Our Caregivers


Our team of caregivers are the foundation of our Company. Because the quality of your child’s care is of utmost importance to us, Beach Babies holds our team of staff to the highest standards. We seek employees who share in our philosophy; that nurturing your child in a loving and educational environment is their most important job. After a thorough interview process, our caregivers are carefully selected based on their demonstration of love and nurturing during their supervised pre-employment try-out time. In addition, the following clearances and screenings are processed on all staff prior to employment:

  • Fingerprints Cleared by the Department of Justice

  • Health Screening with TB Clearance

  • Criminal Record Clearance

  • Child Abuse Screening

  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening

  • Employment History and Reference Check



Once employed, we train them and encourage them to continue their education in Child Development so they can advance into a Teaching position. We offer our staff opportunities for advancement and growth by offering professional conferences & workshops to attend throughout their employment. This also brings exciting new ideas and lessons into our classroom. We provide all staff with regular training in Infant/Child/Adult CPR, AED, and First Aid with recertification every two years.


Because Beach Babies invests significant resources in the development of our caretakers, we want to remind you that it is strictly prohibited to solicit our staff for employment as a nanny. Any parent soliciting our staff will forfeit their security deposit and their child’s enrollment will be immediately terminated. Please respect this policy as it affects many children in the program who have bonded with their consistent and loving staff.



Because our team of staff are the foundation of our company, we believe that each of our employees’ deserves a superior benefits package. Here is a glimpse of our benefits offered to our employees:


  • Flexible Scheduling: Beach Babies offers our full-time staff a flexible “alternative workweek” schedule. A typical schedule allows a staff member to work three full days (8 – 10 hours) and two half days (4 – 6 hours). This schedule allows our staff flexibility to balance their careers and their personal and educational commitments outside of Beach Babies.

  • Health & Dental Insurance: Beach Babies provides all full-time staff the opportunity to enroll in our group insurance coverage. Beach Babies contribution to the cost of each plan increases as an employee’s length of employment increases, up to 100% coverage after 5 years of employment.

  • Paid Time Off: Beach Babies employees are eligible for paid time off. Based on an employee’s length of employment with Beach Babies, an employee may accrue up to 22 paid days off per year of employment.

  • Holiday Pay: In addition to paid time off, Beach Babies full-time employees are eligible for paid holidays in which the center is closed.

  • Annual Reviews & Raises: Because our team of staff are the foundation of our company, we believe that each of our employee’s deserves recognition and financial reward for their continued growth and development with our company. Beach Babies offers each employee an annual review and opportunity for a pay increase based on an employee’s performance, job duties, and advancement opportunities.

  • Advancement Opportunities: We encourage all of our staff to advance their careers within our company by continuing their studies in Early Childhood Education. When hiring for upper-level teaching or management positions, we always look within our team to promote the most outstanding employees. We believe all future leaders begin their career as teacher’s aides and through dedication and great work ethics, become leaders in the classroom and in our company. 

  • Highly Competitive Pay: Beach Babies believes that offering highly competitive pay in our industry brings the most dedicated and qualified individuals to care for your children. While we hold our staff to the highest standards of quality and care, we believe in offering compensation which more than meets the demands of each position.

  • Bonuses & Awards: Beach Babies regularly rewards our caregivers with bonuses and recognition. In addition to birthday and holiday bonuses for all staff, Beach Babies honors the outstanding performance of our staff with additional bonuses and awards throughout the month including recognizing an Employee of the Month which is highlighted in our monthly newsletter.


Due to our superior benefits package and exceptionally low ratios in all of our classrooms, we are very proud to have one of the lowest turnover rates in our industry. Many of our caregivers who first began working with our company 20+ years ago are still working with us today!

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