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Infant Program

Sand Dollars

6 Weeks to 12 Months

1:3 Ratio

In our young infant program, we maintain a ratio of 1 caregiver to 3 infants. This allows us to give individualized attention in a loving and nurturing environment. Our Sand Dollar classroom has been specifically designed to create a warm and secure environment for our infants to thrive. Each family develops their child’s daily schedule including nap times, meals, and bottles to ensure consistency between home and Beach Babies. Our goal in the Sand Dollar classroom is to involve the infants in activities designed specifically for their developmental abilities. The curriculum involves stimulating the senses and allowing them to get to know the world around them. Teachers sing songs and read stories to encourage language acquisition, and infants pass balls and play games to develop motor skills. Baby sign language is also incorporated into the monthly curriculum to help our infants learn to communicate. Most importantly, children learn that they are in a secure and loving environment with trusted caregivers which they will soon find in all of our classrooms.



Angel Fish

9 Months to 24 Months

1:3 Ratio

Our older infant program also has a ratio of 1 caregiver to 3 infants. In this setting, we allow each infant to develop at their own physical and developmental pace while learning important self-help skills. At this age, infants love to move and explore their surroundings as their curiosity grows. We provide an environment which stimulates their senses and encourages confidence. We let them find their own solutions, and we offer a variety of valuable learning experiences from language development to social interaction. As their independence grows, our caretakers continue to provide love, hugs, and security to instill trust and provide a healthy learning environment. Baby sign language continues to be incorporated into the monthly curriculum as the infants continue to communicate and build their vocabulary with their caregivers. Various sensory activities will be introduced such as painting, coloring, and musical instruments. At this age, the infants explore the outdoor environment on a daily basis with age-appropriate play structures, equipment, and activities.

Toddler Program

Gold Fish

1 ½ Years – 2 ½ Years

1:4 Ratio

In our younger toddler program, we maintain a ratio of 1 caregiver to 4 children. In this environment, the children are encouraged to practice self-help skills by washing their own hands, feeding themselves, picking up their toys, and putting on their jackets. Children make great developmental strides as the Teachers create a fun, yet challenging curriculum to stimulate their development. Children’s vocabulary begins to expand rapidly as Teachers introduce daily circle time with stories and songs. Children also begin imaginary play with blocks, dolls, and dramatic play. At this age, artistic freedom is abundant as children explore using a variety of art materials unavailable to the infant classrooms. Children are given opportunities to develop their gross motor skills outdoors through parachute play, bicycles, and climbing structures. As the children begin to gain autonomy, which helps them to recognize themselves as separate individuals, we encourage sharing and kindness while we instill confidence that they will soon be ready for preschool.

Preschool Program

Sea Horse

2 Years to 3 ½ Years

1:6 - 1:7 Ratio

In our youngest preschool group, we offer a ratio of 1 caregiver to 6 children. At this age, the children are involved in daily lessons in music & movement, math & science, language, and creative art. Learning areas are designed to provide both shared and independent learning opportunities. Children are building their fine motor skills by manipulating different writing instruments and tracing. Computers are introduced at this age as a learning tool which helps them gain an appreciation for technology. Children are introduced to cognitive skills such as sequencing, matching, and counting. Children’s language development continues as they begin to share stories and recite their favorite songs. As children begin to show signs of readiness, the potty training process begins. Social growth is encouraged through the use of words to resolve situations with other children. We place a strong emphasis on cultivating friendships which will continue throughout their time at Beach Babies.



Sea Star

3 Years to 4 ½ Years

1:7 - 1:8 Ratio

In the oldest preschool group, we offer a ratio of 1 caregiver to 7 children. At this age, the children continue daily lessons in music & movement, math, science, language, creative art, and computer. Computers are now used hands-on by the children and become a valuable learning tool. Cognitive skills will be challenged through the use of manipulatives and games. The children are often very inquisitive at this age and are offered opportunities to ask questions to help formulate answers and solutions. Children begin to recognize letters of the alphabet in their surroundings and will often begin to write their first name. Teachers promote cooperative play as children begin to form strong friendships with their peers. Children develop hand-eye coordination and teamwork outdoors with organized sports and games. At this age, the children are eager to learn and will be well prepared for our Kindergarten Preparation Program.

Kindergarten Prep Program


4 Years – 5 ½ Years

1:8 - 1:10 Ratio

Our Kindergarten Preparation Program is the final step children will take before Kindergarten. In this class, we offer a ratio of 1 Teacher to 8 children. Our Dolphin program was specifically designed to meet and often exceed all Kindergarten entrance requirements. Our children are offered advanced curricula in history, geography, current events, numbers (1 – 100), letters (uppercase, lowercase, vowels, and consonants), math, science, music, and art. Children advance their language skills to include rhyming and sight words. Complex math skills including patterning, estimation, and prediction become daily activities. Fine motor skills are demonstrated with daily writing activities and journaling. During circle time each day, children will recite the Pledge of Allegiance and learn about the different states and capitals. Children will gain responsibility with weekly classroom jobs. Public speaking is encouraged through designated share days. Kindergarten Readiness Assessments will be performed on each child to ensure that our graduates are well prepared and will thrive in Kindergarten.  

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