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  • Beach Babies History & Philosophy:
    Beach Babies opened in 1991 as a small family child care home in Manhattan Beach. What started in a small house with 4 infants has now grown into 4 childcare centers throughout the South Bay, caring for over 500 children daily. Beach Babies has grown into what it is today because of our simple philosophy: To give infants and children plenty of love and security so they will thrive. Since 80% of a child’s development occurs by the age of three, what they learn from the very beginning will be with them for a lifetime. It is our primary goal at Beach Babies to make it a great beginning. The basis of our philosophy is love and respect for all children beginning with infancy. We involve the children in activities relevant to them. We help them learn to find their own solutions and build security by teaching trust. We encourage and nurture each child to grow socially, physically, cognitively, and emotionally. In this loving environment, we know each child will gain confidence and self-respect as well as respect for others and the environment. We practice our philosophy each day at Beach Babies which allows parents to feel secure in their choice of childcare providers.
  • Hours & Days of Operation:
    Beach Babies is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Each year Beach Babies closes for all major holidays and observances so that our caregivers can spend time with their own families. In addition to holidays, Beach Babies observes a two week winter break and a one week summer break each year. These closures enable us to perform annual maintenance and make improvements to our centers so that our buildings and classrooms are maintained in great condition for our children, staff, and families.
  • Safety & Security:
    Each Beach Babies location is equipped with security cameras that record activity in all of our classrooms, common areas, and exterior grounds to ensure safety and security at all times. Additionally, Beach Babies utilizes ProCare computer systems in which parents and guardians must scan their fingerprint to check their child in and out each day along with a security door or gate that ensures only approved visitors gain entry to our building and classrooms.
  • Beach Babies Benefits:
    Low Teacher to Child Ratios: One of the most important benefits of our program is our low Teacher to child ratio. Beach Babies provides exceptionally low ratios to better meet the needs of our children and to ensure a quality program. Loving, individual care is essential for a child’s development, comfort, and happiness which Beach Babies believes is of utmost importance. Communication: Beach Babies provides daily forms as a communication tool to give our families a brief snapshot of their child’s day at Beach Babies. These daily forms include important information about your child’s day, including but not limited to: curriculum activities accomplished, food intake, nap times, a record of bowel movements, and special notes from your child’s Teacher. In addition to daily communication forms, Beach Babies publishes and distributes a monthly newsletter to all families. This newsletter contains important information, including important dates, upcoming events, classroom news, and monthly curriculum plans. Diapers & Wipes: Beach Babies provides diapers and wipes for all children in our care. Beach Babies currently offers Huggies brand diapers and Sam’s Club Member’s Mark brand of wipes. Families who wish to provide their own alternative diapers may do so but must ensure an adequate amount of diapers and wipes are brought to the center on a daily basis. Once your child shows signs of potty training readiness, potty training is provided at no additional charge. Enrichment Programs: Beach Babies offers our preschool families the opportunity to enroll in optional enrichment programs to enable families a variety of choices for extracurricular activities. These programs are taught by qualified instructors who have undergone fingerprint clearance by the Department of Justice and training in their specialized field. A list of current enrichment program offerings will be provided to you during the registration process. Graduation: Beach Babies offers a year-long Kindergarten Preparation class to well prepare your child for Kindergarten. At the end of the school year, we celebrate the children’s accomplishment with Graduation. Commencement ceremonies include diplomas, caps & gowns, special gifts, and lots of celebration. After the ceremony, our Dolphins are treated to a day at Disneyland with their friends, family, and Teachers! Meal Service: All children in the toddler and preschool classrooms will receive breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. These meals are nutritionally balanced offering a variety of the basic food groups. In addition to meals, Beach Babies provides organic milk, juice, and water throughout the day to all children in these classrooms. Music Program: All children at Beach Babies have the opportunity to participate in our weekly music program. Our music curriculum is forever evolving as we create new songs and activities for our music classes. During our classes the children are actively involved and participating. They are moving their bodies to imaginative songs and stories and learning basic music theory with our specially designed teaching materials. Sunscreen: For your convenience, Beach Babies provides Rocky Mountain Sunscreen (Kids SPF 30 Broad Spectrum) for all children. Beach Babies staff applies sunscreen to all of the children before their outside play time each day. Parents may provide their own alternative sunscreen if they prefer an alternative brand. Special Events: Beach Babies hosts special events throughout the year to enrich our program and build our Beach Babies community. These events may include a Mother’s Day Tea, Father’s Day BBQ/Picnic, Halloween Party, Holiday Program, Spring Egg Hunt, Various Family Field Trips, Book Fairs, Open Houses, Special Guests, and Seasonal Events. Each Beach Babies location plans their own specific events and will notify all families of upcoming events via invitation, email, and/or newsletter communication.
  • Special Needs Accommodations:
    Beach Babies accepts children of all abilities and does not discriminate against any children with special needs. In addition to special accommodations, Beach Babies works with a variety of therapists to support the development of the children in our care. These therapists include, but are not limited to behavioral therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, etc.
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