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Beach Babies Day Off Request Calendar


Welcome to Beach Babies' user-friendly and efficient Day Off Request Calendar system! We understand that our dedicated team members deserve the flexibility to schedule their well-deserved time off with ease. To make the process as seamless as possible, we're thrilled to provide you with access to our live Day Off Request Calendars. Each team member can now conveniently request time off at their own convenience, ensuring a work-life balance that suits their needs. With just a few clicks, you'll be on your way to a well-deserved break, all while ensuring we have comfortable staffing for our classrooms to run smoothly while you are away. To access the Day Off Request Calendar for your respective site, please use the following links:


Beach Babies 1 Day Off Request Calendar

Beach Babies 2 Day Off Request Calendar

Beach Babies 3 Day Off Request Calendar

Beach Babies 4 Day Off Request Calendar

Beach Babies 5 Day Off Request Calendar


Here are some key features of the new calendar:


  • Real-time Updates: The calendar is live, which means you can see the availability of time off slots in real time. No more need to wait for approvals or notifications!

  • Easy Submission: Requesting time off is now a breeze. Simply select the dates you want, specify whether you would like a full day, AM, or PM off, indicate whether you would like to work full days the remainder of the week, and submit your request. When your request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email approving your day off.

  • Day Off Availability: Please note, that due to our staffing and ratio requirements, only a limited number of "Day Off Requests" are available each day. Additionally, no "Day Off Requests" will be available on required work days, as outlined in our annual "Beach Babies Required Work Events" agreement, to ensure we have sufficient staffing for a smooth and successful event.

  • Budget List: If a specific day has no available “Day Off Request” to book, you may email your center directly to be placed on the “Budget List”. Budget days will be accommodated based on the ratios and staffing needs on a day-to-day basis.

  • Booking Window: Available Day Off Requests are released 180 days in advance. We recommend booking as far in advance as possible, but not later than 7 days prior to the day requested off. For consecutive days off, please be sure to book each individual day.

  • Maximum Days Off Per Year: Each team member may schedule up to 15 "Day Off Requests" each calendar year. In the event you schedule more than 15 days, you will be notified by your Site Director and asked to cancel any dates above the 15-day limit.


We encourage all team members to start using this new calendar for any time off requests, for dates in 2024 and beyond. This will help us streamline the process and ensure a fair distribution of time off throughout the year. If you have any questions or need assistance with using the calendar, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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